Monday, August 21, 2017
Home Podcast Know The Lore: Overwatch

Know The Lore: Overwatch

Join SlurredNerd as he explains all the lore behind Blizzard Entertainment's new hit game, Overwatch.

Old School (Reinhardt & Torbjorn Overwatch Lore) – KTLO 05

In this episode of Know the Lore we continue to figure out info on the mysterious Sombra based on information from San Diego Comic...

Angels & Devils (McCree & Mercy Overwatch Lore) – KTLO 04

We have our first new hero! Ana Amari! So Slurrednerd was somewhat right in his guess, but there's more stuff to be revealed at...

Shadows (Liao, Sombra, Ana Amari Overwatch Lore) – KTLO 03

Blizzard announced the new character for Overwatch today, but listen to Slurrednerd's theories from 2 weeks ago and see how his predictions held up!...

The Living Dead (Soldier76 & Reaper Overwatch Lore) – KTLO 02

In this episode SlurredNerd talks all about the secret origins of Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes of the Overwatch team and their connections to...

Origins Edition (Overwatch Lore) – KTLO 01

Chris, aka SlurredNerd, introduces you to the lore of the new hit Blizzard game Overwatch! Learn all about the universe with the rise and...




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