I love deckbuilders. I’ve said that several times in these videos and to random people on the street that had no idea what I was talking about.

Sure...whatever you say weirdo.
Sure…whatever you say weirdo.

I wish I had the time, money, energy, and intelligence to play Magic: The Gathering and build awesome decks. But I have two kids and I have to make these videos and play ALL THE GAMES so rather than that, I’ll go ahead and have that experience all in one box and a few hours.

I love the co-op deckbuilder Legendary, and Aeon’s End is nearly as good as it. Maybe as good. Honestly I want to play both all the time now, so my brain probably thinks they are.

Star Realms is another deckbuilder I adore. You buy ships and bases in a imaginative setting  and build string together combos to destroy your opponent. It’s awesome and the starter boxes are only $15 bucks so it has that feeling of a big lifestyle CCG without the financial or time commitment.

Pro-tip: don't live here.
Pro-tip: don’t live here.

So check out my review for Aeon’s End!





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