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    Art by Alan Linnstaedt

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    [popover title=”Joseph” body=”Self-proclaimed ‘Joe of all trades’, Joseph is extremely average at everything he tries, and quite literally masters nothing. Currently, he is — and very averagely, don’t forget — customizing the website, participating in / editing the podcasts, and creating some of the website art. Otherwise, he reads comics, plays video games, and dreams about his next on par adventure.” placement=”top”][/popover]

    [popover title=”Jose” body=”Cool, Suave, Sophisticated…none of these words describe Jose. He is a nerd without passion, with no real love of any franchise or medium; he exists only to find what is pleasing in the moment. There are two ways to draw his usually vacant gaze: with Corgi paraphernalia or to put him in the presence of an Asian lady.” placement=”top”][/popover]

    [popover title=”Chris” body=”Sarcasm, anger, and everything nice; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect machine of hate. But they accidentally added an extra ingredient…laziness! Armed with only his Cintiq tablet and devilishly good looks, he has dedicated his life to digital painting and eating pizza.” placement=”top”][/popover]

    [blockquote cite=”BSX Shaddai”]Many years ago, four kids got together to play video games, read comics, and watch movies. At one point we all lived together, and some of us still do. We grew up in different homes through different walks of life, but we all had the same desire, the same dream to be more than the world asked of us. It was through video games, comics, movies, drawings, music; any outlet that would take us to another universe, another possible reality and mold us to become the people we are today. We became more than just friends, we became a family.

    We don’t judge anyone for being “nerdy” or “geeky”; it was encouraged, even celebrated! We plan road trips and vacations around Comic Conventions & Movie Releases. We get it! We throw midnight release parties, we go to new comic day, we are the ones who will wait in line for a signature, and listen intensely through hours of panels. We play games for their story and talk about the world we just experienced. We are not just fans, we are devoted & respectful to what has become a foundation of our life.

    It’s not an accident that you stumbled on our site, because you’re one of us! You are here because you get it: Because you’re a fan: Because you understand what it’s like to escape and yet be part of a universe you feel was built for you. This site is our haven, our place to express our passions! Even though we record podcasts and videos, we really make this stuff for you, the one’s who get it!

    You are invited to join us on this adventure. To listen and share your thoughts, suggestions, requests, and love for all that is “nerdy”.[/blockquote]


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