Overwatch (2016) – SMCB 043


On this BONUS episode of Saturday Morning Cartoon Boom Joseph and Chris watch the animated shorts from their new favorite game of 2016, OVERWATCH, to celebrate the launch of Chris’ solo podcast project called Know The Lore, focusing on the story behind the game!

1. Recall
2. Alive
3. Dragons
4. Hero

Thirty years into the future mankind has experienced an era of peace and technological advancement including the development of a working-class race of robots called Omnics. However the Omnics rebelled starting a long and bloody war known as the Omnic Crisis. The U.N. developed a taskforce called Overwatch that eventually ended the war. The heroes of Overwatch were loved by all and expanded into multiple areas of science and exploration. Controversy and in-fighting eventually led to Overwatch’s disbandment and the heroes scattered across the globe. New threats are arising with each day including a terrorist organization known as Talon and a second Omnic Crisis. With Overwatch activity considered illegal, the surviving heroes struggle to once again defend a world in need of saving.

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