Keanu Reeves vs The Thing w/ Kool-Aid Man Pool – NOTP 013B


Nerdocalypse time! So who would win in a fight? Keanu Reeves donning his signature sunglasses or Ben Grimm aka The Thing? Uhh…. we don’t know! So fuck it, let’s throw in Kool-Aid Man, Deadpool, and Punchy too. This might be the most random Nerdocalypse yet. Listen with caution because you may start losing sanity and or brain cells during this episode. Also they start talking like idiot AM Radio DJ’s. It’s stupid.

No New Episode next week, but there will be some updates on new and future things! So, we are sorry and you’re welcome?

This Week’s Booze:
Chris: Samuel Adams Escape Route – Boston Beer Co
Jim: Shenanigans – Indeed Brewing Co
Joseph: Blackberry Tart Ale – Blue Moon

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