Michael Myers vs Nic Cage – NOTP 003B


Holy Bajebus! Michael Myers, The King of the Deadly Knife Swing vs Nic Cage, our Nationally Treasured Ghost Rider who was Leaving Las Vegas during the Season Of The Witch after rolling Snake Eyes then Next; started Driving Angry and full of Rage through the City Of Angels heading towards The Wicker Man festival Seeking Justice for his Kick-Ass Stolen Rock he picked up from The Frozen Ground after hearing A Thousand Words from an Outcast calling himself The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, whom Nic only admits to Knowing as the Bad Lieutenant living beneath the Shadow Of The Vampire, but actually this Lord Of War is really The Family Man who would rather be Gone In Sixty Seconds than Left Behind at that old Grindhouse where people are known to Trespass with their 8mm cameras taking photos of Joe Bringing Out The Dead in The Dying Of The Light while he rants on about the World Trade Center and how it must feel to be The Weather Man now known as Astro Boy who experiences real G-Force as he soars over Bangkok…Dangerous.



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