Nerdocalypse Royrrr Rumbrerr – NOTP 026B


The Nerdocalypse of 2015 comes to a head where instead of two more matches plus the final, we say fuck it! This requires a nerdy royal rumble! Join us as we drink beer and discuss who wins: Kitty Pryde vs Darth Luigi vs Deadpool vs Barbara Gordon. Our REAL listener of the year (not that crappy Eric Tuna guy) joins the episode to help us get it right (because he tends to disagree).

The winner WILL surprise you. Seriously… it surprised us!

This Week’s Booze:
Chris: Holidale – Breckenridge Brewery
Jim: Festivity Ale – Goose Island Beer Co
Joseph: Soft DK – Evil Twin Brewing
Tom: White Russian


Theme Song : Starbolt performed by Slime Girls


  1. After listening to this, I went back and re-listened to 1A, and you guys should be proud of the way you’ve progressed in the last year (yes, 1A was that bad). Apart from the thrills of assocating with the likes of Kevin Conroy and Doug Jones, you three have a natural chemistry that has blossomed into the main appeal of the show. I was hella pumped when Jim asked me to appear on the show, and I felt like all of us were old friends as soon as we started. Thanks for granting me one of the highlights of my year!


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