IWF Special 001: Days of Future Past


On the very first IWF Special episode, we will be reviewing the 1981 Marvel story arc, Days of Future Past (Uncanny X-Men 141 & 142). In addition, we compare the comic to its 2014 movie and 1990s cartoon counterparts.

We’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled podcast next week, with IWF episode 10; until then, embrace your issues!

  • (00:59) – Synopsis
  • (01:41) – Comics
  • (20:33) – Comic/Movie/TV comparison
  • (32:25) – Outtake

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  1. Liked the episode very informative for us who hadn’t read the comic, but saw the movie and and cartoon. Would like to know which version you guys think is best and why

    • I think it really depends on what delivery format you prefer. As a comic fan, of course I’m going to be biased and say the comic is best, bc it was the original that everything else was based upon.

      Out of the bunch, I personally feel that the movie was the weakest, for various reasons. I bitched enough about it on our movie review, so I didn’t want to go through that all again when the comic was the main focus.

      On that note, if you like comics, check it out, and you’ll see for yourself how weak the movie was in comparison!


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