IWF 006: Free Comic Book Day


On this week’s special FREE COMIC BOOK DAY episode, Joseph, Shaddai, and Chris only review FREE comics! The free comics chosen are Rocket Raccoon # 1 (Marvel), Future’s End # 0 (DC), and Mouse Guard: Tale of the Axe Trio (Indie > Archaia). The listener pick for this episode, which was also free, is Jeremy Dale’s Skyward: Past Sins (Action Lab), suggested by Neal, owner of Boomerang Comics & Games, our favorite local comic book shop. Embrace your issues!

  • (01:12) – Rocket Raccoon # 01 (Marvel)
  • (12:36) – Future’s End # 00 (DC)
  • (25:13) – Mouse Guard: Tale of the Axe Trio (Indie)
  • (37:24) – Skyward: Past Sins (Listener Pick)

Website: www.nerdsloth.com


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