This month of August in response to the BELOVED – Stranger Things on Netflix, we’ve decided to revolve our theme around a “Rag-tag bunch of kids”, the homage that Stranger Things pulls so lovingly well! THIS IS WEEK 2

CFC August 2016 Theme
Rag-tag bunch of Kids

If you haven’t caught the show.. then what are you waiting for!!

This week, the #n_S gang sought out an escape from the norm. To leave status quo behind and be our own selves. Finally be the men and woman we always strive to be.. or at least watch a movie in which our childlike feelings get comforted of that naturalistic yet teenage angst-y thoughts we all have. It’s David’s pick this week, and he chose, the little known indie darling… THE KINGS OF SUMMER (2013)!!!

WE Purchased this movie and so can you! This movie can be found and purchased @amazon:

[ WARNING ] This podcast is a round table movie review that includes SPOILERS!!!








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