This month of August in response to the BELOVED – Stranger Things on Netflix, we’ve decided to revolve our theme around a “Rag-tag bunch of kids”, the homage that Stranger Things pulls so lovingly well! THIS IS WEEK 1

CFC August 2016 Theme
Rag-tag bunch of Kids

If you haven’t caught the show.. then what are you waiting for!!

This week, the #n_S gang find themselves in the middle of Beatles Mania! Something that will never die, and for good reason! Now, we didn’t live through this era in music history, but nothing quite captured it so well as this Robert Zemeckis film did, it was his first major film too, and as a cherry on top, it was Steven Spielberg’s first main production!

Sit back and enjoy the hilarious varied stories of a group of gang who just won’t give up till they see the fab four. It’s Shaddai’s Pick first! And she chose.. I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND (1978)!!!

WE Purchased this movie and so can you! This movie can be found and purchased @amazon:

[ WARNING ] This podcast is a round table movie review that includes SPOILERS!!!








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