CFC 136 – Escape from New York (1981)


As we celebrate July 4th, we decided to make July’s theme “Murica” and choose movies that strongly show the “Murica” life!
Week 5 Finale!

This week, the NerdSloth crew and friends, find themselves in the not so distant past explaining the not so distant future that is the now… did that make sense? It’s our guests special pick this week and they chose…ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (1981)!!!

Thanks as always for stopping by Katy and Chris, our good friends from: Yatta-Tachi!

[ WARNING ] This podcast is a round table movie review that includes SPOILERS!!!








  1. A Great episode! (yeah, with capital G).

    EFNY is a masterpiece from it’s time. I rewatched it again a few months ago and was stunned by how smart Carpenter at storytelling. We understand the city in a simple, straight way: They don’t need to tell the audience (or Snake) certain things. We see them, we understand them, and the movie keeps going. This helps a lot with the pacing of the story, as we barely have to listen to long explanations.

    I agree with you that it has the perfect amount of ‘extreme’ to be just below ‘too hardcore for me’. Chris nailed it when he said that EFNY is perfect just the way it is. Taking things or add them would do no good to this movie.

    You guys probably know this already, but there’s a comic book crossover coming soon, featured Escape From New York and Big Trouble in Little China. I honestly don’t know what to expect.


    • If the comic stays around the ’80s, or just completely ignores all the terrible “Escape” movies/stories that followed, I can see it being a thing of beauty. Granted BTLC’s Magic aspect might be something odd, but then again, the “Escape” Stories have a wild direction in technology, so it might not be a problem at all.

      Thanks for Listening BTW!


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