CFC 000 – X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Hello and welcome to another edition of BSX Reviews! This week we’ll be reviewing X-Men: Days of Future Past, the new film by director Bryan Singer! We’re going to try something new this week; since the whole BSX crew went to watch the movie, and since we’re all fans of the X-Men, I wanted everyones input on the movie review. I’ve written my brief take on the movie, and assembled a list of Pros and Cons for each member of BSX! We even recorded a short podcast discussing what we thought of the movie, and list what we liked, and didn’t like about the movie.

"I love the power glove... it's so bad."
“I love the power glove… it’s so bad.”

Synopsis and Recommendation

X-Men: Days of Future Past is the film adaptation of it’s comic counterpart. Many of the elements we changed from the original story to better fit the live action medium, but unless you’ve read the comics, it’s unlikely you’ll notice a difference. I would not recommend seeing this movie unless you’ve seem at least X-MEN 1-3 and X-Men: First Class (The two standalone Wolverine movies are optional) Watching the three core X-men movies, and First Class make Days of Future Past infinitely more enjoyable, it gives you a frame of reference for the character and settings while closing the story very neatly. I’ll just quickly add that this movie has an Avengers feel to it, bridging the gap between both the new roster of X-Men and the old. I really liked this movie, plot holes, and blemishes aside, I believe this is the best X-Men movie to date. It balances action, comic narrative, and character moments perfectly; though, if you’re going into this expecting it to be something more than a comic book you’ll be disappointed.

I don’t judge movies harshly, usually because I can see the value for the audience they’re trying to target, if I’m not that audience, I usually avoid the movie. It reminds me of something I read in How to Adapt Anything Into a Screenplay by Richard Krevolin, a professor teaching script writing at USC. He makes the point that when adapting source material for the screen, you owe the source material nothing. If you stray too far, people won’t see it; if you stay to true to the material, it will be boring, long or too expensive. In my opinion, any comic movie will fall short of what people expect of it, that’s why they’re made for general audiences, because they’re meant to generally interest and entertain everybody. Still, something about this movie strikes a good balance with me, it feels like they (Fox) have spent enough time building this universe that it doesn’t need to be too heavily reliant on the source material.  I think people who are familiar with the X-Men franchise but not steadfastly dedicated to the source material will really enjoy this movie, give it a shot and see for yourself!

He looks like he stepped out of a SciFi channel promo
He looks like he stepped out of a SciFi channel promo



  • Loved the story, it was basic but it felt like a comic book on screen.
  • VFX looked great! The Dynamic simulation, compositing, and 3d animation were all excellent (with exception of the sentinels and the post credits scene)
  • It was awesome watching primary X-Men die, and watching the mutants use their powers in a clever way.


  • The story was too simplistic.
  • Disliked the Sentinel design, it looked like it was designed by a shoe company.
  • Some of the stories emotional scenes fell flat.


Our savior
Our savior



  • Loved the Quicksilver segments of the movie.
  • Liked tying the beginning of the movie to the end.
  • Peter Dinklage as Trask was entertaining despite being different from his comic counterpart.


  • Hated the way Beast looks, and the way Beast moves.
  • Didn’t care for VFX, thought they looked cheap.
  • Didn’t like the character design for Mystique


Beast... STAHP!
Beast… STAHP!



  • Had a smaller core cast of characters made the story easier to follow and relate to.
  • Future story line injects action periodically into and otherwise uneventful story.
  • Good emotional ties and character development (thanks to the smaller cast of characters).


  • The costume design and props looked TV-ish.
  • VFX in certain scenes look crappy.





  • Story was good but could’ve been better – didn’t care for the Mystique love triangle.
  • Loved the Quicksilver segments.
  • Liked Wolverine being nekk’ed.


  • Disliked the VFX, especially the into title scene.
  • Didn’t care for the sentinel designs.
  • Felt the interaction between past and present Xavier was a weak scene.


We recorded this podcast after watching the midnight release of the movie, if you’ve already watched it, or aren’t opposed to spoilers then enjoy!


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