KWU 032 – 035: Playing Catch Up!


KWU 032: A Ferrari? No Thanks!
Sean defends the Pokemon Go phenomenon against Brankica’s attacks. The hosts find the worst movies, books and music albums in history. Brankica and Vesna tries to beat Jason and Kiara in “Pod Mates”.

KWU 033: Red and Wet
Sean cheats at Pokemon Go. Brankica hates the game, again. Jason and Vesna team up to play some Podcast games against Kiara and Brankica.

KWU 034: Order In Court!
The court case of the century this week on AKWU as Brankica defends her right to privacy. Sean says she doesn’t deserve it.

KWU 035: Jason In Yoga Pants
Does Brankica possess the ability to sell a car? Kiara decides if Jason looks good in yoga pants. Brankica thinks Vesna has a little extra kilos.


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