For as long as adventures have strapped on leather armor and grabbed a sword, the idea of part of their quest taking place in a dark, slimy, subterranean labyrinth filled with treasure and monsters has been a staple of the genre.

Since modern board games can trace their origins as an extension of classic pen and paper table top RPGs, of course this has been explored in many ways. Vast is a great example of that so let’s look at a few others.

The crawl is alive!
The crawl is alive!

Descent: Journey’s in the Dark is a prime example. It’s an entire out of the box RPG experience. While the game is usually in the one vs many format where one player is controlling the monsters, Fantasy Flight has since released an app that governs all that to make it a full co-operative game.

I love war and hammers, so this is perfect.
I love war and hammers, so this is perfect.

If you’d like a more compact experience, Fantasy Flight also has a card game version of the Games Workshop Warhammer Quest.

Delve deep into the dark monster infested lairs of the Old World!

Both of these games are designed by Brady and Adam Sadler. I swear they have made other stuff too.

While Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card game is a dark, grim fantasy, Vast: The Crystals Caverns had more of an old school video game approach.

You can feel the love for things like The Legend of Zelda and other action adventure titled properties.

Check out my review at the top of the page, and make sure to check out the second printing Kickstarter and consider backing it.

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