The newest game in the Panic series is all up in Star Trek. It’s all Star Trek up in here! AND EVERYTHING IS EXPLODING!

I am a firm believer that co-operative board games are the BEST way to bring in new players to the hobby. A lot of intimidation for people who haven’t ventured past more traditional games (Monopoly, Life, Sorry, etc.) is because they see your pile (or wall!) of games and think there is no way they will have fun because you obviously take this hobby pretty seriously.

They don’t want to play against you!

And even if they think they could best you, they might just be adverse to competition in general.

Instead, fight the game!

When you’re playing with inexperienced players, trying to explain rules and strategies in competitive games will bascially make you feel like The Ledgerman in Cones of Dunshire.

That's only fun if you're one of these ding-dongs.
That’s only fun if you’re one of these ding-dongs.

You’re basically just running the game for the sake of the others.

With co-ops, you get to participate more fully and that fun will translate to them. Board games are just as much about creating experiences you share with your friends as it is the mechanics or the puzzle solving.

They want to see you having fun too!

Star Trek Panic, as I explain in my review, adds a lot to the Castle Panic formula.

I would put it up there with the great light/medium weight games such as Pandemic/Forbidden Island/Forbidden Desert or Ticket to Ride.

Get it to your shelf!


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