Once upon a time, my game group was seriously thinking that we wanted to run an RPG campaign. I was to DM it. I bought books and accessories. We all went out as a group and bought notebooks, folders, and pencils.

I decided we were going to run Pathfinder but in the old D&D 2.5 setting Eberron.

One magical afternoon we spent several hours rolling characters. I was rolling an NPC that was going to be the main focus of the campaign.

;TLDr, it never happened. I honestly had no idea what I was doing, and we had too many new and exciting board games coming in to devote time to an RPG.

The end result was us running a several session stretch of Descent 2.0, and I loved it.

For me, I want to tell stories. I love writing, but I just couldn’t carve out the time. To people who do: I fully salute you.

But I really did like rolling characters! So when I heard there was a board game that was simulating that experience in a shorter time frame, I was pretty excited.

Check out my review of Roll Player, and make sure to join the Board Nerds Facebook group.



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