AHI 096: Clowning Around

Adrian and Eileen conquer their fear of clowns (and tooth loss) with Mira Mortal and John Rodriguez, the co-creators of the horror comic Made-Up: Zombie Clown Circus.


This week’s episode features two guests: John Rodriguez and Mira Mortal, the artist and writer of a gripping new horror comic, Made-Up: Zombie Clown Circus from Source Point PressJohn and Mira give listeners an in-depth look at not only the inspiration behind the graphic novel, but also their dynamic as a creative team. Their chemistry is apparent on and off the comic book page as the duo share hilarious observations on horror movies, childhood injuries and animated gifs featuring Samuel L. Jackson.

Made-Up: Zombie Clown Circus is available digitally via Drive-Thru Comics
Drive-Thru Comics Website


John “JAR” Rodríguez is an independent comic artist and illustrator based out of Illinois. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, JAR continues to hone his artistic craft and has released two comics with artist/writer Mira Mortal: the graphic novella SPLIT and the horror comic, Made-Up: Zombie Clown Circus. JAR’s work can also be seen in the Harvey Award-nominated 27: A Comic Anthology from Red Stylo Media.

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Mira Mortal is an independent comic book writer, illustrator, colorist and letterer.  Her six-part webcomic, I.D., is available for free on the MortalDream Creative website. In addition to SPLIT, her debut comic with artist John “JAR” Rodriguez, Mira’s work has also appeared in anthologies by Red Stylo Media. She is currently writing and lettering Made-Up: Zombie Clown Circus.

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AHI 096: Clowning Around

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