AHI 095: Fear And Loathing On Long Island

Adrian shoots the breeze with 3D animator and "professional podcast guest" Mike Driscoll.


Mike Driscoll is a New York-based 3D animator and a “professional podcast guest,” serving as a recurring guest on the Mr. BS Show. Mike and Adrian reflect on their misadventures as former guests of the short-lived Dave Podcast and share their thoughts on the format as a whole. Plus, there’s humorous observations on fatherhood, hockey and their mutual love for the films of Kevin Smith.

Also In This Episode:

  • Adrian vs. sidewalks
  • Long Island vs. Pedestrians
  • Love and loss during the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals
  • The death of “midlife crisis”

And more!

More From Mike Driscoll:
The Mr. BS Show

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AHI 095: Fear And Loathing On Long Island

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