AHI 083: La Calavera de Hierro

Adrian is introduced to a new breed of once-forgotten superheroes by comic book creators Matt Harding (PopApocalypse), Kevin Cuffe (Oathbound) and Ricardo Lima.


This week’s episode features not one–not two–but three awesome guests! Comic book creators Matt Harding, Ricardo Lima and returning guest Kevin Cuffe are all involved in an upcoming anthology entitled, Not Forgotten: A Public Domain Superhero Anthology. The collection features re-imaginings of obscure “Golden Age” superheroes that have faded into relative obscurity. We discuss the origins of the anthology and Iron Skull by Kevin and Ricardo, which will be included in the anthology. Plus, there’s hilarious discussions on Star Trek and the epic beards of comic book creators.

Check out the Kickstarter for Not Forgotten here: Not Forgotten: A Public Domain Superhero Anthology Kickstarter


Matt Harding is a California-based comic book writer and artist, best known for his titles Popapocalypse and Styx. He is also a freelance animator and production artist for Madefire Studios and Black Mask Studios. Matt and Einar Masson are the co-editors of the Not Forgotten anthology.

PopApocalypse – Tumblr

Kevin Cuffe is a writer/artist based out of Virginia. He is the writer of the sci-fi/spaghetti western comic Oathbound with Paul Gori (artist), Shawn Greenleaf (editor/letterer), Hedwin Zaldivar (colorist), Paula Goulart (flatterer) and Ramon Hitzeroth (inking assistant). Kevin is also the co-writer of The Adventures of Elvis with Bob Frantz (witer), Rachel Ordway (art) and Micah Myers (letters). Kevin and fellow guest, artist Ricardo Lima, have submitted for the Not Forgotten Anthology entitled Iron Skull, a story about a latino superhero who gains powers inspired by Mexican, Incan and Aztec cultures.

Oathbound Website

Ricardo Lima is an Oakland/Bay Area-based freelance illustrator who specializes in character design. He graduated from the Academy of Art University located in San Francisco, California in 2015 and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. Ricardo makes his comic book debut on Iron Skull with Kevin Cuffe.


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AHI 083: La Calavera de Hierro

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