AHI 071: The Fantastic Ms. Fox

Adrian receives voice acting lessons from Alexa Fox, the president of Challenging Comics and the co-writer of Danger Gliders.


Alexa Fox is a writer, publisher and the president of Challenging Comics. In addition to publishing creator-owned titles, the company also maintains a studio-for-hire division entitled Challenging Studios, which serves the needs of other companies and art professionals.

Co-written by Alexa Fox and Sean Gilmour, Challenging Comics’ flagship title Danger Gliders chronicles the adventures of three super-heroic sugar gliders. The book features art by JP Palabon and JM Venezuela, colors by Roy Canlas and JP Palabon and letters by Jon Zamar. Alexa Fox is also an accomplished voice actress, working with such talent as Mike McFarland (Dragon Ball Z), Monica Rial (Black Butler II) and Colleen Clinkenbeard (One Piece).

Also in this episode:

  • AOL and the early days of the internet
  • Using Danger Gliders as an educational tool for young readers
  • Adventures in voice acting
  • How to interact with industry professionals

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AHI 071: The Fantastic Ms. Fox

Download Danger Gliders on Amazon:
Danger Gliders #1
Danger Gliders #2

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