AHI 067: The History Of Comics

Adrian learns about the history of the golden and silver age of comic books courtesy of Sweetie writer Steve Petrivelli.


Steve Petrivelli is a Philadelphia-based comic book writer, best known for his comic Sweetie, which was drawn by Sean Dillon. In what is his second appearance on Adrian Has Issues, Steve gives listeners a detailed breakdown of the early years of the comic book industry, which are often referred to as the “golden” and “silver” age of comic books. These two eras would shape the comic book landscape for years to follow and formed what we now know as two of the biggest publishers of comics, Marvel and DC.

We cover a plethora of topics including:

  • Comics’ ties to organized crime
  • The birth of the superhero genre
  • The comics industry during World War II
  • The creation of the Comic Book Code
  • Stan Lee and the invention of “The Marvel Method”
  • Jim Steranko: The “Jimi Hendrix” of comic books

And more!

Steve Petrivelli Links:
Sweetie – Main Website
Sweetie – Facebook
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AHI 067: The History Of Comics

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