AHI 060: Reality 2.0

Adrian ponders the future of the music industry with New Jersey-based musician Joe Darone of the band Suit of Lights


Joe Darone is a New Jersey-based musician and currently heading the experimental indie rock band Suit of Lights. Joe’s musical career started in the late 80’s as the drummer and art director for the punk rock band The Fiendz, which have toured with influential acts such as The Ramones and The Misfits. In the early 2000s, Joe played drums for the power pop band The Rosenbergs before forming Suit of Lights in 2004. Over the years, Suit of Lights has employed a number of prolific Jersey musicians such as Steve Pedulla (Thursday), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle) and Jamie Egan (Streelight Manifesto, Catch 22).

In this episode, Joe Darone chronicles his experiences within the NJ music scene as both a musician and a graphic designer under the handle Zeckle. We also discuss Joe’s thoughts on modern society which have influenced the latest Suit of Lights album, Break Open The Head such as: embracing sincerity over cynicism, maintaining one’s artistic integrity in a “blockbuster culture” and the importance of discovering new music.

Break Open The Head is available now via Visiting Hours Music/BMI at the following sites:
Suit of Lights Website
Google Play

Suit of Lights Social Networking Links:
Joe Darone Twitter
Zeckle – Graphic Design Website

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AHI 060: Reality 2.0

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