AHI 019: House Of Stylo

Adrian rocks out with Enrica Jang, the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Red Stylo Media.


This week’s episode features Enrica Jang, a writer and founder of the independent comics publisher Red Stylo Media. Enrica tells her personal story from starting as an intern for a comic book publisher to an editor and eventually calling her own shots as an Editor-In-Chief of her own company. In addition to a number of graphic novels and original series, Red Stylo has released a series of comic anthologies including The Poe Twisted Anthology and Killer Queen, which is based on the music of Queen. Most recently, the publisher has set to release, 27, an anthology based on the infamous “27 Club” based on musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Jimi Hendrix and more who have died by the age of 27. Check out the Kickstarter for 27 here!

BREAKING: Announced right here on AHI, Enrica Jang and artist Jason Strutz are working on an original graphic novel entitled The House of Montresor, the sequel to Edgar Allen Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado. It has been picked up by Action Lab Comics.

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AHI 019: House Of Stylo

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