BSXcluded Guest Stars on SMorning Show


This past week, Shaddai and I visited Red Bank, New Jersey for 4 days and had an awesome time! Listen to our entire Jersey adventure on episode 21 of Present Company eXcluded, which will be up this Thursday (7/3).

While this trip was full of stories to tell, our craziest highlight was being invited by Ming Chen (@mingchen37) & Mike Zapcic (@michaelzapcic)–from AMC’s Comic Book Men–to guest star on the SModCo SMorning Show, a part of the SModcast Podcast Network (@SModcastNetwork)! To say that our visit to the Secret Stash was an amazing experience would not be doing it justice, and we can’t thank Mike and Ming enough for giving us this opportunity!

Next time they are in our neck of the woods (Texas), perhaps we can bribe them into jumping onto one of our shows–with the offer of coffee, booze, and/or a full blown match of Cards Against Humanity. Until that day comes, or we make our way back up to Red Bank, check out the episode below and be sure to support Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash by purchasing some of the sweet merchandise from the site.


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