Thursday, December 14, 2017

PCX 053: Simple Pleasures – Part 2

This week, the BSX crew closes out their two-part episode, by singing the songs that bring them great joy, as they melodically deliver their...

PCX 052: Simple Pleasures – Part 1

This week, Shaddai comes back with a bang, as the BSX crew hits you up with an extra long, two-part episode! They talk about...

PCX 051: Salty Meats

This week, the BSX crew is joined by Joseph's infamous cousin, Michael! While Shaddai was still off doing other -- potentially more important --...

PCX 050: Super Fun Video Game Sausage Party

This week, the BSX crew is joined once more by fellow nerd/random drifter, Zane! In this Video Game/male dominated episode (because Shaddai had other...

PCX 049: Chocolate or Vanilla?

This week, the BSX crew are joined once more by Jose, when they list some sad truths about their lives made possible by the...

PCX 048: Pet Dance Party

This week, the BSX crew lets it all hand loose, when they admit their 1) Current Obsessions; bring their favorite animal companions into the...




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