Thursday, October 19, 2017

PCX 029: Slurred Nerds

This week, the gang is joined by a very special guest, the Slurred Nerd (Chris Koehne)! This may just be one of the nerdiest...

PCX 012: We ARE Real People

This week, we ask 1) Who is Samantha West?, our special guest, Ben, spoils 2) Spoilers, and we figure out 3) What we'd take...

PCX 022: All Out

This week, we discuss the OTHER two topics -- 1) Reading People & 2) Things that don't hold up -- that we just didn't have time to talk about during last week's lonnnngggg Jersey Story. So let's jump in and see if this episode even holds up. Website: Twitter: @bsxcluded Facebook: BSXcluded

PCX 039: Challenge Accepted, Totino

This week, the BSX crew say hasta luego to October with their 1) Halloween Recap; join the rest of the internet, as they gives...

PCX 028: Sugar Free

This week, the gang summarizes what's happened between episode 27 and now, in their 1) Weekly Update, almost pass out from sugar rushes when...

PCX 037: A Very Villainous Vibe

This week, the BSX crew try their best to escape from reality when they reveal the 1) Animated Characters They Would Like to Be;...




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