Tuesday, January 23, 2018

PCX 059: Obligatory Dinosaur Episode!

This week, the BSX crew are short their shady lady but soldier on to admit what 1) Video Games They Like But Nobody Else...

PCX 058: Stories Time!

This week, the BSX crew are joined by their friends Mike and Gilbert (Yes, THAT Gilbert, from episode 44) for a very magical episode...

PCX 057: Maze of Emotions

This week, the BSX crew long for the future -- not for flying cars or hover boards -- but for men that can shrink...

PCX 056: Read Past the Headline

This week, the BSX crew try to determine whether or not they should be wearing pocket protectors and receiving wedgies from bullies, when they...

PCX 055: Murphy’s Club

This week, the BSX crew is joined by none other than Shaddai and David's Parents! We discuss how bringing early praise invites disappointment thanks...

PCX 054: My White Russian

This week, the BSX crew is joined by their pal, Tony! They admit to their digital successes/failures with their virtual girls, when they visit...




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