Monday, December 18, 2017

Michael Myers vs Nic Cage – NOTP 003B

Holy Bajebus! Michael Myers, The King of the Deadly Knife Swing vs Nic Cage, our Nationally Treasured Ghost Rider who was Leaving Las Vegas...

Giant Size – Blame Rob Liefeld – NOTP 003A

The nerds are back! Bigger! Bolder! Drunker! In this Giant-Size episode, our hop-filled heroes discuss their nerdy holiday and get into the good and...

Darth Vader vs Shredder – NOTP 002B

Darth Vader vs The Shredder - Who would win?! Does anything else even fucking matter? I guess so since our 3 inebriated nerds go...

Breast Cancer Awareness Captain Falcon – NOTP 002A

Episode 2! Still drinking, still talking about some nerd bullshit for your entertainment. This time they swig some suds and weigh in on the...

Scorpion vs Jason Bourne – NOTP 001B

Drinking plus nerds still equals bears! With some more of that liquid inside of their bodies, the guys discuss their first Nerdocalypse match-up: Mortal...

Bears Will Be Bears – NOTP 001A

Nerds on Tap is the podcast you've been waiting for. Grab a beer and listen as Chris, Jim, and Joseph tackle nerd topics picked...




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