Monday, December 18, 2017

Week Two Nerdocalypse Showdown – NOTP 024B

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN Week Two of the Nerdocalypse Showdown! See who wins! See who loses! See who leaves this episode sober! (Hint: Probably no one!) HEY...

Nerdocalypse Royrrr Rumbrerr – NOTP 026B

The Nerdocalypse of 2015 comes to a head where instead of two more matches plus the final, we say fuck it! This requires a...

Clever Velociraptor vs Ramona Flowers – NOTP 020B

It's Nerdocalpyse time! But the Nerds kinda forgot and go on lots of tangents about a whole bunch of other random shit before finally...

Captain Planet vs Johnny Cage – NOTP 019B

Coming off a great episode with Doug Jones, the Nerds get back to the usual goofiness - Nerdocalypse style. This time it's uber-powered hippy...

Stephen Amell of Board Games – NOTP 010A

This week the Nerds are joined by board game mogul and Kickstarter guru, Jamey Stegmaier. This Stephen Amell look-alike gives the boys tips on...

Adventures with Gangs – NOTP 023A

The nerds re-live their week of drunken Halloween debauchery when Joseph travels north to meet up with Jim and Chris for the FIRST TIME...




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