Monday, December 18, 2017

Chun-Li vs Harley Quinn – NOTP 027B

This week on Nerds On Tap, our hosts discuss the first Nerdocalypse match of the year: Chun-Li, the street fighting dream of boys everywhere,...

Solomon Grundy vs The Tick – NOTP 036B

The nerds discus which of these big bozos would win in a fight: Solomon Grundy or The Tick! This is the final episode of Nerds...

Jar Jar vs Yoshi (Evan vs Nintendo) – NOTP 006B

Continuing into Part B with our guest Evan Derrick, we decide the ultimate outcome in the fight between Jar Jar and Yoshi. The answer...

Erotic April O’Neil Cat – NOTP 015A

Our humble hosts are joined by Myles, co-host of The More You Nerd podcast. They talk about Myles' show and it's progression before discussing...

Space Ghost vs Adam West Batman (Please Don’t Sue Us) –...

Stephen Amell's board-game double returns to help our nerdy hosts figure out who would win in a fight...Space Ghost (Coast to Coast) or Batman...

Bears Will Be Bears – NOTP 001A

Nerds on Tap is the podcast you've been waiting for. Grab a beer and listen as Chris, Jim, and Joseph tackle nerd topics picked...




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