Thursday, November 23, 2017
Home Podcast Know The Lore: Overwatch

Know The Lore: Overwatch

Join SlurredNerd as he explains all the lore behind Blizzard Entertainment's new hit game, Overwatch.

Stuck in the Past (D.Va & Zarya Overwatch Lore) – KTLO...

Slurrednerd talks the his two favorite ladies AND tanks when he covers the lore behind D.Va and Zarya! Facebook: Twitter: Website:

Light & Sound (Symmetra & Lucio Overwatch Lore) – KTLO 11

Slurrednerd talks the surprising backstories and rivalry between Symmetra and Lucio in this new episode of Know The Lore! Facebook: Twitter: Website:

Double Dragon (Hanzo & Genji Overwatch Lore) – KTLO 10

Join Slurrednerd as he talks about the background of Overwatch's favorite sibling rivalry, Hanzo and Genji! Facebook: Twitter: Website:

Heart of Ice (Widowmaker & Mei Overwatch Lore) – KTLO 09

Slurrednerd reveals Widowmaker's and Mei's semi tragic backstories in this episode of Know The Lore! Facebook: Twitter: Website:

Driving Me Bananas (Winston & Tracer Overwatch Lore) – KTLO 08

Slurrednerd talks the new Bastion animation before giving you the lore behind Winston and Tracer. Facebook: Twitter: Website:

Secrets Don’t Make Friends (Junkrat, Roadhog, Pharah Overwatch Lore) – KTLO...

Slurrednerd talks lore and speculation for Junkrat, Roadhog, and Pharah in this info-packed episode! Facebook: Twitter: Website:




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