Friday, February 23, 2018

KWU 029: Rivals In Teams – Part 1

Is the AKWU Podcast at risk of losing a member? Is England in a pickle with Brexit and Euro 2016? What are men not...

KWU 027: We’re Baaaack!

The hosts return after a 2 week vacation to discuss rogue animals, Sean’s nasty vehicle accident, and to play a game about awful food....

BSX | Ming & Mike 027: I Ain’t Afraid of No...

According to a crazy local the spirit of Marc Costello is haunting him. Mike's crazy midnight promo stunt goes wrong. Ming goes to Kansas...

KWU 025: Game with Girls & Boys

Vesna, Brankica and Kiara face off against Jason and Lukas in an all-game edition of AKWU. We play Podcast Feud, Pyramid, Things & Music...

BSX | Ming & Mike 026: Zapped: The Mike Zapcic Story

Ming draws parallels between Mike and Dustin Diamond. Ming gets a medical diagnosis that leaves him breathless. Ming grills Mike about going to Montreal. [soundcloud...

KWU 024: Don’t Trust That Thing

EuroVision is discussed. Our favorite guest joins for a round of “Things” – our funniest game to date. Will another fight between the hosts...




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