Saturday, September 23, 2017

AHI 067: The History Of Comics

Steve Petrivelli is a Philadelphia-based comic book writer, best known for his comic Sweetie, which was drawn by Sean Dillon. In what is his...

AHI 069: Tracheal Fortitude

Justin Corbett, the host of the Comical Podcast, makes his return to the Adrian Has Issues podcast. Picking up where he left off in...

AHI 070: The Cool Bean

Leeann Hamilton is an illustrator and graphic artist from Meath County, Ireland. New York Comic-Con 2016 marks her first-ever visit to New York, speaking...

AHI 068: From Foreign Lands

The Gwan Anthology is a collection of creator-owned short stories, centered around themes of foreign lands, the immigrant experience and cultural fusion. To further...

AHI 071: The Fantastic Ms. Fox

Alexa Fox is a writer, publisher and the president of Challenging Comics. In addition to publishing creator-owned titles, the company also maintains a studio-for-hire...

AHI 072: Jade Street Has A Band

Katy Rex is a Minnesota-based freelance writer, perhaps best known for Jade Street Protection Services for Black Mask Studios and the original graphic novel...




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