Thursday, November 23, 2017

KWU 020: She’s Got The Look

We celebrate 20 episodes by talking about Boaty McBoatFace and Brankica’s son. We play a quick round of “Password” and “What’s That Song?” with...

BSX | Ming & Mike 016: A Full House of Love

Ming and Marc Costello the Good Time Fellow discuss Mike’s hatred for some of the cast members of Full House. Mike Zapcic has a...

KWU 025: Game with Girls & Boys

Vesna, Brankica and Kiara face off against Jason and Lukas in an all-game edition of AKWU. We play Podcast Feud, Pyramid, Things & Music...

BSX | Ming & Mike 011: Chess Kings

Mike Zapcic & Good Time Fellow Marc Costello talk about their past work as male models in commercials and print ads. Ming reminisces about...

BSX | Ming & Mike 014: The Customer is always wrong

Ming reads bad Yelp reviews for Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash – most which call out Mike as the rudest employee ever. The...

BSX | Ming & Mike 003: Fast Times at Culinary School

Mike Zapcic recalls his tales of love and dismemberment from back in his days at culinary school. Mike and Ming remember why they don’t...




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