SUICIDE SQUAD Movie Prediction


What’s going on guys? This is Chris from Nerds On Tap and Saturday Morning Cartoon Boom here to talk a little bit about SUICIDE SQUAD. Right away, I haven’t seen this movie but I plan to take some guesses on some of the plot points, so this is your potential SPOILER WARNING.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into it! I hear a lot of people theorizing that Joker will be the main baddy of the movie. I don’t think that’s likely. For one, we see a lot of Harley’s origin which tells me a lot of his screen time may be flashbacks. There’s also a good chance they he will have some presence in the present timeline of the film, and yea it IS possible he may bump heads with the Suicide Squad, but is he the mission? No. Think about it… why would they send this whole squad after Joker? Is he a threat? Yes. Is he that big a threat? Probably not. Plus Batman would already be going after the guy anyway. But he could be manipulating a certain someone who becomes the mission.



Enchantress was part of the original suicide squad as the alternate super-powered personality of June Moon, an otherwise normal woman who feared her split personality. Rightfully so. She was definitely the most dangerous AND unpredictable of the group, but they needed her power. Eventually Enchantress turned on them during a mission prompting Deadshot to shoot her in the head, not killing her, but knocking her out.

I don’t have any proof that she is the mission other than by the power of deduction! Look at the trailers and you will see that she is not with the rest of the team at the prison, and in fact most if not all the scenes that show her, she is alone. My guess is she’s newly come into this personality or perhaps dark power that slowly corrupts her mind and does something bad enough to warrant the attention of the US Government who want the threat eliminated off the books. In fact my guess is she assassinates someone within the government. Take a look at the wall behind her in this next photo.


I could be completely wrong about this whole theory, and if so it’s possible they follow a similar storyline to the original comics where Enchantress betrays them during a mission to extract a political prisoner. Who knows, but I do have some more thoughts on the Enchantress is the villain idea. Pay attention to the visual effects surrounding her. She has this weird black smoke effect that curls off her body when she seems to be using her powers. Guess what else we recently saw with the same effect? Those creepy weird black things the Suicide Squad team is fighting! 


Now to address the fate of some of the characters. Let’s face it, Slipknot will die REAL quick. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he’s actually killed by way of trying to quit/desert the team. In another iteration of Suicide Squad, the character KGBeast tried the same thing and his head exploded due to an implant that was inserted by the government to keep them under control. There’s gotta be some real threat to keep them in line, otherwise they would kill Rick Flagg and just be on their way. Not saying it’s how Slipknot will die, but it’s possible. He seriously is going to die though since he doesn’t make any more trailer or photo appearances after the prison scene.


Who else is going to die? El Diablo. I’ve heard a lot of podcasts theorizing Captain Boomerang being a death. Maybe, but if so not till the end of the movie. El Diablo will go out before him though for sure. All you have to do is look at some of the promotional photos. One in particular has Rick, Harley, Croc, Boomerang, and Katana together all dirty and battle worn with Slipknot and El Diablo nowhere to be found.


That’s it for me! Let me know if you agree or disagree with my theory and we can chat about it anytime! More posts like this will be showing up here on the BSXcluded site in the future; and if you haven’t already, check out all of our amazing podcasts, there’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy.
Cheers, Nerds!


  1. This is a pretty sound theory, Chris; given the information that the public already knows, it stands pretty firm!

    I definitely don’t think Joker will be the main threat, that’s for sure. Never really thought about him being primarily seen in flashbacks, but now that you mention it, I think I’d prefer it that way. He doesn’t really belong in a Suicide Squad movie as is, so to save him for just telling Harley’s story would be a clever mislead.

    Like you said, though, perhaps he is the mastermind behind Enchantress’s acts. She may be who they’re initially after, sure, but I don’t think she’s the MAIN threat; more of a front. BUT I guess we’ll see, once August rules around!



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