Prelude to Infinity War (part two)


Thanks for coming back for part two of this crazy theory filled MCU debate. In the last article I mentioned some possible reasons why either the Time Gem or Soul Gem might be in the hands of Helmut Zemo, and then gave a much better argument for why the Time Gem is probably within the Eye of Agamotto around the neck of Doctor Strange.

So now, let’s get back to the Soul Gem. I have 2 more theories here. One I THOUGHT I came up with it myself, but now I see others posting it too so whatever. But it’s that Heimdall(H) possesses the Soul Gem, and honestly it makes sense the more you think about it.

heimdall eyes

He has the ability to see souls throughout the realms… not people… he specifically says souls. He’s also got those strange orange colored eyes (remember when Ronan used the purple Power Gem in GOTG, his eyes turned purple). Those orange eyes match the… ORANGE GEM ON HIS CHEST PLATE.

heimdall gem

Did we seriously miss it that all along?? Seriously go look at his armor. WTF, right? Also when Thor has his vision in Age of Ultron, we see a dead Heimdall without his armor and without the orange eyes. And as Thor believes, this vision is a warning as to what’s coming. Kevin Feige says Thor: Ragnarok will be the most important movie to set up Infinity War. My guess is by the end of the movie, Thanos will invade Asgard, take the Space Gem and the Soul Gem if it really is there, kill Loki (sorry ladies), and imprison Thor.

Last theory is another tinfoil hat for sure. But it involves a character that is typically associated with the Soul Gem: Adam Warlock.


I believe we will definitely see him in the next Guardians movie, in some capacity. So here’s a bunch of wild theories to go with it. Star Lord’s dad is involved in The Enclave or could even be the being known in the comics as The High Evolutionary.


Either way, I think his dad will have some part in the creation of Adam Warlock (who I hope in the MCU is only referred to as either “Adam” or “Warlock”). However, as he is first created, the Enclave refers to A.W. as only “Him”. There’s our “H”. In the comics, it’s the High Evolutionary that provides the Soul Gem to Adam Warlock. I think in this case it will be used in his creation. So do I believe this is where the Soul Gem will come from? Absolutely.

If that’s wrong then insert a crazy theory about acquiring Soul Gem through the Heart of the Universe(H) here…


So then what happens in Infinity War? Like I said, I think Thanos will procure the Tesseract  in Thor: Ragnarok. He also will have to invade Xandar (I think we will see the introduction of Nova here), get the Aether from The Collector (easy), kill Vision (yes I think Vision will die), and get the Time Gem which I believe will be around Doctor Strange’s neck (getting him involved in the greater MCU). I also believe that by the end of Guardians 2, Adam Warlock will have become his alternate personality of Magus and would be either assisting Thanos or trying to get the Gems for himself, seeing how he would have one already. Either way, Thanos would probably betray and somehow kill him in the end to make sure he has all the gems for himself.


Kevin Feige said the 2 parts of Infinity War will be very different movies with different bad guys. You can best believe, aside from Thanos, the other will be Magus. AND I will be super disappointed if we don’t see one if not both of these things: Nebula turning against Thanos and becoming the catalyst for his downfall, AND Drax being the one to kill Thanos.


So here’s all my predictions in one list:

  • Zemo might have either Gem in Civil War
  • Quicksilver will be brought back to life
  • Heimdall may have the Soul Stone
  • Thanos will appear in Thor Ragnarok
  • Loki will die
  • Thor will be imprisoned
  • Doctor Strange has the Time Gem (might not know it)
  • Star Lord’s dad is part of The Enclave/is The High Evolutionary
  • Star Lord’s dad helps create Adam “Him” Warlock with the Soul Stone
  • Adam Warlock will go bad and become Magus
  • Magus will join Thanos
  • Vision will die
  • Thanos will destroy the Nova Corps/Xandar
  • Nova will make his debut
  • Thanos will kill Magus and finish collecting the Gems
  • Shit will get real





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