Prelude to Infinity War (part one)


Civil War is almost upon us, opening the door for Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means it’s prime time for SPECULATION! If you don’t want anything potentially spoiled, I would stop reading here; and if you do keep reading keep in mind I’m just taking guesses at all of this. (Note: This article got so big I had to split it into 2!)

Let’s talk about some Infinity Gems! After Age of Ultron we know the location of 4 out of the 6 gems, but some sleuthing may uncover the last 2.


First there’s the Teseract which was able to open portals, allowing the user to move things (or armies) through space. Obviously we know this contains the Space Gem and is currently residing somewhere in Asgard.


Then came the Aether, the weird red smokey yet sometimes solid thing that’s able to warp reality (kinda resembles Scarlett Witch’s magic doesn’t it?). We know this to be the Reality Gem and was last seen being handed over to The Collector. However, The Collector’s museum exploded, so there’s a chance that it’s no longer in his possession.


Next came the Orb that everyone from Guardians of the Galaxy was trying to get their hands on. The Orb contained the Power Gem which is being kept safe on Xandar by the Nova Corps.


Finally, after much internet speculation with so many people adamant that Loki’s Scepter was not a gem… Boom! Cracked that sucked open and the Mind Gem was inside. The gem was used to awaken Vision and remains embedded in his forehead.

So I’m going to use some clues along with the prevailing internet theory to figure out the rest.


Some are mistakenly referring to these as the names of the Gems, which is incorrect. It would be more appropriate to refer to this as hints as to where they are or what they are contained in. The exception to that being the Aether, although because by nature it can reshape reality, it makes some sense that it can exist in multiple forms and that the “Aether” is just another form of what really is the Reality Gem.

If we follow this pattern, that means we have the letters “H” and “N” as hints to where the missing gems are, and I have multiple theories for each, but I can say without a doubt that I believe the “H” is a hint to the Soul Gem and the “N” is a hint to the Time Gem. By the end of Civil War, I think we know where both gems are. That is because of the possibility of Hydra or more appropriately, Zemo having access to one of these gems. And, if he doesn’t then I believe my other two theories may hold true.

So let’s get my Zemo theories out of the way:


One of my reasons for him or Hyrda possibly having the Soul Gem is the theory that we saw Quicksilver’s body in the latest trailer for Civil War. During a scene with Cap, Bucky, and Iron Man fighting they appear to be in some kind of lab. In the background is a cloudy glass container with a body inside that looks suspiciously in the shape of Quicksilver. Since it’s a dingy looking place I am assuming that it belongs to Hydra, and they wouldn’t just leave a dead superhuman body lying around and not do something to it. Of course they would try to resurrect him and get him under their control. How would they do that? The Soul Gem.

So you’re thinking yeah okay but there isn’t an “H” hint there… well Zemo’s first name is Helmut. SO there’s that.

Similar arguments can be made for the Time Gem. The Time Gem could possibly be used to restore Quicksilver’s body to a time before it had been killed. Makes some sense. But I have a real tinfoil hat theory for this one. Which is that Zemo gets his hands on a device that could allow him to destroy/manipulate the timeline and restore Red Skull and or Hydra to it’s full glory. This device could be the “Nullifier” (obviously based on the Ultimate Nullifier with some definite liberties taken, but that does happen in movies). But yeah that theory is pretty out there, but it is an artifact of the Marvel Universe that starts with an “N”. /shrug

OKAY let’s get to some more probable stuff. If the Nullifier is a stretch, what else starts with an “N”? Artifacts… nope… characters we may see that could wield it? Nah. Okay fuck it, so who would probably wield it? Doctor Strange!


The Doc is known to have some time-bending powers along with plenty of other nifty artifact-enhanced abilities. His most famous artifact is probably the Eye of Agamotto which is on a…Necklace. Hey that’s an “N’!!! So in my opinion does Doctor Strange have the Time Gem? YEP. Look at that photo. There’s definitely an infinity gem in that bitch.

Check back later this week for part 2 and find out my other theories on the Soul Gem, and key plot points behind Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Avengers: Infinity War.
Cheers, Nerds!


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