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Ubi30 E3

To start off, like Ubi, who very much exhibited their sadness in the tragedy in Orlando which happened that Sunday. Thank you for your class Ubi. We stand in solidarity with you, Orlando, and the Gay Community as well.

Ubisoft, celebrating 30 years in gaming, had easily one of the more awkward conferences this year. They covered how their new and old IPs are going in a WAY different direction, in hopes to revitalize them.

Ghost Recon
Just Dance
Ghost Recon Wildlands
South Park: The Fractured but Whole
The Division
Eagle Flight VR
Star Trek VR
For Honor
Grow Up (sequel to grow home)
Trials X Blood Dragon
Assassin’s Creed Movie (of course)
Watch Dogs 2

and STEEP – a weird extreme mountain sports sandbox game

It was a strong showcase of games and game play that actually excites to their releases. SO that’s cool. Also, Aisha Tyler is gorgeous and hosts like a pro!

Just Dance 2017
For a 30 year birthday announcement, Just Dance as their introduction was most definitely weird. Even that aside they didn’t even announce when it’ll be released, or what’ll be in it. They just had people dancing with costumes (new theme maybe?) and then popped some confetti revealing Ubi30…

The truth is, those games sell like crazy, so they don’t really need to do much. It’s like a Beyonce album, it’s going to sell well.

Ghost Recon Wildlands
Ghost Recon Wildlands looks now to take a somewhat Far Cry approach to it’s map setting. Featuring a weird drop in drop out system in which your friends can join and help you at any time. It’s preparation before taking on a target seems reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid V, but that’s a good thing. It feels great knowing exactly what you’ll be taking on. Plus adding doing so with friends sounds like a good time. What most these games previews always seem to lack is, what happens when YOUR character dies. It’s always a breeze when they display the game, but that’s not the case upon release. Show us everything, not just what you think is cool.

South Park TFBW
South Park’s introduction was AMAZING! it started off almost like 80% of most Ubi games, so being able to make fun of yourself is automatic cool points in my book. That game is likely going to be amazing. So just get excited in general! Also you get Stick of truth for preordering it! So if you haven’t played the first, you get both for buying one!

The Division
The Division was showed, along with promises and many proposed updates. If you haven’t decerned from that sentence, I do not like the game. But that’s for another day. If you love the game, new things are happening, so bully for you!

Ubi also showed off their excitement and push into VR!

Eagle Flight VR
Eagle Flight, a very expensive multiplayer game of capture the flag, but if have the tech, go for it!

Star Trek VR
Star Trek VR, is possibly what excites most, including myself! Being a crew member of the enterprise sounds like a dream. It is of course still in starting stages, but its a step into the immersive so that’s fantastic.

For Honor
For Honor had a large showcase in the presentation, and a great one at that. When it was announced, I figured it would be a higher produced Chivalry Medieval Warfare, and from what they displayed that year I really wasn’t to far off. This year however they showed off an interesting take on a single player campaign. Not to far from Ryse: Son of Rome. But to be honest, I loved that game, so I was heavily enticed. A Valentines Day release date was also pretty interesting, but when you love it, you buy it.

Grow UP
Grow Up is the sequel to Grow Home. A wonderful little indie project that has a loving protagonist, that we get to enjoy even more! Look forward to it this August.

Trials X Blood Dragon
Another interesting announcement was the Mashup of Trials and Blood Dragon. Both INSANE separated, but even more so put together. Lets hope for future Mashups, especially revolving around Blood Dragon.

Assassins Creed Movie
Assassin’s Creed was a long part of the show. Interesting if you have faith in it, which I’m not sure I do. Prince of Persia’s budget was big and filled with A-listers then, a different franchise under the same idea won’t change much. I do though, hope to be wrong.

Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs 2… What can I say. Another IP that burned me harshly the first time after its hype from E3. It looks like they’ve moved towards a different approach with this franchise as well. It seems to have a little GTA/SaintsRow mixed in, along with its hacking system of course. Not to mention, alot of parkour. To be honest, what was displayed did peak my interest, but I do hold more reservation to the presentation, since this is in fact what they did before. If they deliver on this promise, then its going to be alot of fun while we wait for the next Rockstar game.

For some reason Steep was the finale of the night. I don’t know why, it was impressive, but not earth shaking. I do want to play it, but enough to preorder? Not likely. Still, it is a game with alot of promise. We’ll see upon release.

All in all, it was a long presentation, with little new information. I might be biased abit with hopes for more and better, but even then, I’m still glad Ubi has something titillating to present.

You can catch the ENTIRE presentation in the video below:


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