BSX E3 2016 coverage: EA Games


EA Play

EA’s conference revolved highly around their current IPs and the expansions and growth around them.

Titanfall 2
Mass Effect Andromeda
Madden 17
Fifa 17
Battlefield 1
Mainly how Frostbite is what these games are made from, because jeez, every trailer started with that dopey hand.

oh yeah, and of course, the Star Wars franchise

All games in someway or another are attempting to reinvent themselves or move along a different direction altogether.

eSports was also infocus, somewhat. Primarily around Madden 17. This idea might grow within the other franchises, but Madden was in the forefront.

EA Star Wars
Mass Effect and Star Wars were more or less mentioned in passing, with developers diary style video being the main footage for both. No real words on when we’ll be seeing Mass Effect Andromeda, and more or less new Star Wars games, but one thing is for sure, all partnered studios are working on a game in one way or another.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Fifa 17 showcased a very impressive looking “Journey” experience, much like NBA 2K16’s Livin Da Dream mode. My main takeaway, is Fifa 16s women’s league might not return, which peeves me a bit, but we won’t know till more details emerge.

EA Originals
EA also displayed its partnerships with more Indie Developers in what they’re calling EA Originals. This is an expansion to what bloomed from Unraveled last year. This year displaying Fe, which was displayed as a moody stylistic game. If it’s 1 indie developer at a time, it’s really just for show, but if next year they display a variety of indie games and companies, then it’s purpose will be great.

Battlefield 1
Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 were the mainstays of EAs conference, each displayed beautifully.

BF1 Tanks
Battlefield 1 trying really hard to show off how WW1 wasn’t all trench warfare, and displaying epic set pieces with giant zeppelins burning, and tanks tanks tanks! The likelihood of the trailers revolving around its possible single player campaign. Will it be good? With Battlefield Hardline kinda lowering the bar it shouldn’t be too hard, but BF games aren’t often played for the single player campaigns. As these games evolve, EA and DICE tend to learn from their mistakes and force better change within its multiplayer gameplay. Still, who knows?

Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2 reignited the small spark that the first game gave most gamers. This time displaying an actual storied single player campaign. A much better approach than the first game had. If you were, or are, one of the poor saps who bought the game at full price, and it’s season pass. You’d quickly feel the game fall apart at the seams. Loading into menus, parties, and even loading OUT of the game, was a very frustrating experience. Unlocking everything requires playing its Bizarre multiplayer campaign, to which if you came in late to the game would be near impossible to do. The promise that the single player game is offline, and away from most loading menus is great direction and promise. Not to mention it’s trailer is quite impressive.

It’s sad that Dragon Age, Dead Space, or even newly released games like Mirror’s Edge, or Plants vs Zombies 2 got no mention or promotion. Time crunch aside, letting us know in some form or another, that they want to keep those franchises alive.


You can catch the ENTIRE Press Conference in the video below


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