BSX E3 2016 coverage: Bethesda


Bethesda E3
Bethesda’s conferences really showcased their IPs and their proposed expansions for them!

Quake Champions – seems like pure multiplayer
Fallout 4 – Mods, Expansions!
DOOM – Multiplayer Expansions, better mod support
Skyrim Special Edition for PS4 Xbox One free upgrade on PC
Fallout Shelter – Quests! PC Release
Elder Scrolls Online – Console Expansion, Removes all Restrictions
Bethesda VR – DOOM and Fallout 4 support, releases next year for HTC Vive
Dishonored 2 – New Game Engine, Different playthroughs, New powers
Prey – New “Re-imagining” of the game

The whole conference revolved around how excited they are to get player involvement and overall expansion on their franchises.
Quake Charecters

Oh yeah, there was also a sort of Easter egg with Wallenstein, titled Colossus, so get excited for that!
Wolfenstine New Colossus



Quake Champions
The QUAKE reveal was 100% CG, but the excitement is more about the announcement rather than game play at the moment. Bethesda is very wanting to discuss the matter, but moreover when they have better control on time, so Quake Con is going to be our display of news.


Fallout Nuka World
Fallout 4 reveals were all about MODS! Mods for new housing expansions. Mods for weird contraptions. Mods for PS4 players! And the official announcement for NukaCola World which was really just a glimpse of what it looks like, but not exactly what it is. Still, alot to get excited about.

Fallout Shelter
Another Fallout game, Fallout Shelter, will have a huge update, adding a quests expansion. It’ll also be released for PC this year!

The recently released DOOM is getting alot of updates aswell. Entirely revolving around the lesser aspect of the game, its Multiplayer. It’s obvious they’ve set themselves up to continuously release multiplayer updates with hopes of a competitive environment. Hopefully the updates and eventual expansions bring about a better feel to the multiplayer.


Bethesda VR
The somewhat unexpected/expected surprise of the night was Bethesda VR. It’s no surprise that they’ve played with the hardware before with Doom 3 BFG, but complications with previous heads of Bethesda and Oculus rift left the thought on the wayside. The surprise wasn’t so much DOOM coming to the hardware, it was Fallout 4. They even promised to have the VR version of the game released early next year for HTC Vive. Boy do they love to move fast on that game.



Skyrim SE
The highly hoped for Skyrim Remastered was actually announced, titled Skyrim SE. Boasting better visual fidelity and textures, likely the upgrades done to the game engine for Fallout 4. The visual update does infact look gorgeous. The best announcement is for the PC players, since they will be getting the upgrade for free. Thanks BETHESDA!!!

ESO Dark Brotherhood
Alongside the franchise news, Elder Scrolls Online will be getting the Dark Brotherhood Expansion. It’s been out only a few months on PC but console players will be receiving the update Late June. But the overall surprise of the game is the announcement of requirements removal. For the first time ever on an MMO, Level, race, Faction, and even map restrictions are removed for all players passed the introduction section of the game. Giving everybody an immediate ability to jump in. I personally want to play the game now with this idea.

Elder Scrolls Legends
The Elder Scrolls card game is now officially Elder Scrolls Legends. Planned to be released later this year for all mobile platforms and PC. Watch out Hearthstone!



Prey 2016

The interesting portion of the conference was if they’d ever bring about the Prey IP, and they did! It’s more or less a “Re-imagining” of the title, and way different from the idea announced named Prey 2 a couple of years back. The good news is that It will be out as soon as next year (proposed). The meat of the game will be out during QuakeCon, so there’s that to look forward to.

OLD Prey Prey Lead



Dishonored 2
Dishonored 2 was the overall coup de grace of the event. They finally showed us gameplay as opposed to the CG announcement last year. And the best news is that it’s still very much a Dishonored game. It’s new game engine keeps its wonderful style very moody and vibrant. The new powers give a large variety of directions you can engage each enemies, and missions, with even the option of NO POWERS. Its exciting to think that the game is only a few short months away.

All in all, Bethesda is doing what they do best. Demonstrating that their Franchises are growing and unforgotten. Granted, a new Evil Within game would have really been the cherry on top, but lets hope it’s in the works.

You can watch the ENTIRE Bethesda E3 2016 in the video below:


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